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With many years developing in object-orientated PHP following industry best practices, managing to always deploy up-to-date PHP versions to production, I build fault-tolerant RESTful Hypermedia APIs and web applications that scale with high performance. Preferring to find elegant and robust solutions to problems, I craft aesthetic and readable code to future-proof for other developers.

My experience tends heavily towards data-centric solutions relying on multiple types of storage including relational databases, NoSQL, and key-value stores. I am just as comfortable using database libraries as I am writing raw SQL for edge cases.

I enjoy architecting solutions to problems, from designing applications using various methodologies covering security to i18n, all the way to entire containerized environment stacks with all its moving parts (app, web server, data stores, cache, message queue, etc). I am most comfortable on a Linux environment, whether that be a local or remote, desktop or orchestration services.

Caring about the presentation and accuracy of my work I am logical and thorough in my coding, profiling performance to make optimizations where I can, and utilizing continuous integration to automate unit tests and behavioural integration testing.

As a developer I’m not the greatest wordsmith in the world but I do make an effort to maintain documentation, both technical and non-technical, for the things I build; being able to help stakeholders visualize processes through tools such as specifications, requirements and user-guides is an important tool to improve and streamline those already in place.

I passionate about constantly learning new things in a hands-on approach and if practical, willing to throw away my own code the moment a better solution presents itself. I’m involved in this industry beyond just a day job because I believe in community; I have great interest in sharing knowledge with others, advocating communication by collaborating with my peers, and leading others to their potential by mentoring whenever I can to pay forward everything I am constantly learning from those with more experience than me. I’ve recently been experimenting with modern compiled languages; Golang for small pieces of project functionality, and Rust in non-professional settings.


I’ve made open-source contributions to many vendors such as The PHP League, PHP-FIG, Yii Framework and CakePHP, along with publishing an IP abstraction library that is actively used. I’m most involved with the Symfony community - being an active contributor to both the core framework and documentation, part of the Diversity Initiative, and a keynote speaker for the SymfonyLive London 2018 conference.

I’m a current committee member of Brighton Pride, part of a community-based events company called Crew Salam that’s gained a reputable following in the UK and European festival industry, and previously a crew and committee member of the largest medieval reenactment festival in Europe.

Member (and previous host) for PHPSW. Member/co-host of various other, non-industry related community groups in the Bristol area. I’m already interested in getting involved with similar communities in Vancouver and will obviously be decreasing my responsibilities in the UK over the course of 2019.


CarePlanner · Senior Software Developer · Bristol, England · 2018–Present

Progressed through a series of positions in the Software Development industry to swiftly render a leading role spearheading a project to build a RESTful API platform from the ground up for a rapidly-growing SaaS provider in the Home Care sector.

  • Ensured strict compliance with ISO 27001 and GDPR, a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organization information risk management processes.
  • Collaborated with the developer teams of two external companies and a local government authority in a joint effort to consolidate further market share rather than competing.
  • Represented the company at conferences across three different countries.

BaseKit · Software Engineer · Bristol, England · 2015–2018

Performed duties as Back-end PHP developer for a global B2B site-building platform, worked on the main back-end codebase and other minor projects, leaning towards DevOps/Sysadmin. Produced project status reports, managed the team and resolved day-to-day issues. Ensured that objectives were accomplished in accordance with outlined priorities.

  • Building PHP websites using Symfony components, tested work produced as part of the development process.
  • Upgraded legacy systems for ensuring compatibility with main codebase and maintained WHMCS platform plugin.
  • Automated tests towards an automated QA process, adding coverage for the majority of the main product, and pushing BDD using Behat. Documented features, technical specifications and infrastructure requirements.

Nosco Systems · Lead Technical Developer · Pontypridd, Wales · 2012–2015

Handled evolving challenges associated with cloud-based digital debt and loan management application. Created software stacks to be deployed on Raspberry Pi’s for shop kiosks, secure authentication/communication with backend infrastructure, and automated processes for distribution and synchronization of data.

  • Built collaborative rapport with others developers, administered and complete multiple projects, custom deployment models for various targets including the support and succession of legacy codebases.
  • Mentored, developed and led teams of developers both in-house and remote (Bulgaria), including travelling to provide training, performed Software demonstrations at conferences for non-technical audiences (financial sector).
  • Held bottom-line accountability for initiating, reviewing and managing company’s server infrastructure.
nerv Interactive · ​Web Developer · Cheltenham, England · 2010–2011

Worked to deliver white-label products for clients such as BAE Systems, NHS, Skype, Gossip Consultancy, and Molson Coors.

Tigerfish Interactive · ​Drupal Developer · Cheltenham, England · 2010

Developer for a modular-based automated online social-media marketing platform.


  • PHP
  • Composer
  • Symfony framework and components
  • Security
  • OAuth
  • libsodium
  • JWT
  • DDD
  • MVC
  • CQRS
  • SQL (MySQL)
  • Doctrine DBAL & ORM
  • Git & Git Flow
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • JIRA
  • Jenkins
  • CI/CD
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes (beginner)
  • AWS
  • Nginx
  • Redis
  • Neo4j
  • Elasticsearch
  • Varnish
  • AMQP; RabbitMQ
  • Linux; Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine
  • Ansible
  • SSH and GPG
  • Firewalls
  • Agile; certified ScrumMaster
  • Semantic Versioning